The term Aircore can be misleading. It referrs to a Reverse Circulation method of drilling, conducted with a blade bit. Rarely a 'core' is delivered in laterite/ironstone and clay lithologies, otherwise sample is delivered in a continual stream of sand, lumps and chips.

Hornet staff have in excess of 20 years experience in the development of Aircore drilling rigs, tools and support equipment. Aircore drilling in unconsolidated sand and consolidated coal formations is our specialty.

Hornet staff developed hydraulically-operated rotary splitters with adjustable gates to allow duplicate sampling and representative splits to be collected for any sample interval required. Hornet drillers have proven to deliver centimetre accuracy on lithological contacts for our coal clients.

Snowden trainers commented that the drilling and splitting system employed was "one of the best we have seen for RC drilling" during a specifically-designed, sampling theory training course for drill personnel.

Hornet provides a specialist Aircore Drilling service

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