To deliver quality service to clients and meet their varied requirements, we have to be flexible and offer a range of solutions. Often, an innovative approach is required, for which Hornet has a proven track record.

Example 1: Develop bulk sampling procedure and support equipment to collect drill spoil for metallurgical test work (single pass) - Garnet; Kalbarri.

Example 2: Develop light HQ triple-tube core drilling capacity on Aircore rig for grade control - Coal; Collie region.

Example 3: Develop agile and low-impact RC hammer drilling capacity for detrital iron deposits - Mid-west Iron region.

Example 4: Boost drill depth penetration to 120m, develop capacity to retrieve inner tubes and succeed in drilling difficult ground in the Collie Coalfields.

Example 5: Develop sampling systems to provide centimetre accuracy and robust geological control on coal seam location and thickness.

Example 6: Plan and execute a drilling programme in a sensitive mine-tailing area with strict radiation management protocols on hygiene and sample handling.

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