This page is dedicated to the latest Hornet news and events. Items are listed in chronological order - the latest news is at the top.

  • Another strong finish to the year and multiple jobs lining up for early 2021. Demand for light aircore drilling still high throughout the mining and civil sectors, let's enjoy it while we can!

  • With sustained strong demand and substantial growth in the last 12 - 18 months for our drilling and geological services the time is right to complete the inevitable separation of the two divisions. Hornet Drilling remains and the Geological Consulting division is spun off into a new company called Placer Consulting Pty Ltd. Management remains the same for now with a number of options currently under consideration for additional management horsepower and a global footprint. Stay tuned.  

  • An unexpected consequence of a world in crisis is the demand for Western Australia's natural resources.  Demand for Iron ore, Coal, Gold and other specialty metals is driving investment in safe jurisdictions like WA and QLD and drilling companies are benefiting. Labour is scarce again, most rigs are out working and the landscape is one of prosperity, not pandemic or recession. Turn off the news brief and enjoy.  

  • The silver lining on the dark cloud of Covid-19 that has engulfed the planet, is the camaraderie that has been born of having a common enemy, the reduced pace of activity and the promotion of self reliance.  Whilst there remains an uncertain and extensive threat to economies and communities of the world, there will be beneficial outcomes that are likely to last beyond the development of a vaccine and the halt of the pandemic. Our response has been to de-mobilise all equipment and personnel to the Bunbury HQ and roster local staff on equipment maintenance and upgrades for up-coming drilling and field work.  Heightened hygiene and social distancing measures are established, with a manageable impact on productivity.

  • Hornet has achieved re-certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. We are now at 7 years (84 months) incident free.

  • Drilling has just completed on the Club Masa project in Fiji and data validation for resource estimation will commence imminently.

  • An interim report has been completed on discovery of high-grade and thick graphite intersections from drilling of the Brightspark Graphite project in the SW.  Drilling and assay was completed with generous financial assistance from the state government's Exploration Incentive Scheme. 

  • "You're the best drill team I've ever worked with" Snr Contract Geo, Dec 2019.  There's nothing more I need to say here except well done to Steve and Zane and thanks for promoting our values and doing everything in your power to satisfy the client in very difficult drilling conditions.

  • 2019 finished well for Hornet in both Geology and Drilling divisions and there was very little time to take a break with a busy drilling schedule with one of our most loyal and favourite clients kicking off in the first week of January 2020. Global geology projects also awakening early in the new year with a busy and interesting schedule ahead. 

  • Work continues across the globe at the start of Q4 2019 with re-commencement of drilling and resource estimation of the Sigatoka Project in Fiji, commencement of analysis of samples from the Kuala Hidong project in Malaysia and audit of exploration systems at the Grande Cote project in Senegal.  Locally, work continues on Garnet characterisation at Port Gregory, regulator negotiation for drilling the Brightspark Graphite project near Manjimup and assessment of the Ambergate project near Busselton.  Busy busy busy...

  • Busy and exciting times as we move into the 2nd half of 2019 with a full drilling calendar and geological projects advancing globally.  Continued safe production with 74 months injury and environmental incident free. Project news:

    • Reconnaissance and resource estimation underway in Sri Lanka,​

    • Drilling to commence tomorrow on our Malaysian gold and HMS project - Drilling and Sample management systems developed,

    • Ongoing work for our Garnet client as we move towards commencement of operations,

    • Approval secured and extraction of 200t of Graphite completed for Brightspark Graphite, 

    • EIS grant secured for exploration drilling of the Brightspark Graphite project in the SW,

    • Costed proposal and risk assessment completed for a large Nickel producer to build an owner-operated drilling fleet,

    • Drilling on-going for Iluka then a welcome change to the warmer climate of the Kimberley.  International drilling investigations ongoing.

  • After a period of intensive maintenance, improvements and cosmetic upgrades, the drill gear commenced a long list of jobs in early March.  The Geology division remains involved with long-term and new clients in Australia and overseas.

  • Exploration planning has commenced on an alluvial project in Kelantan state, Malaysia with a site visit and reconnaissance completed in February 2019.  Bedrock gold and alluvial gold/rutile/zircon and ilmenite are being targeted and have already been delivered by RC drilling and alluvial processing on site.  A substantial palaeochannel exists that is to be targeted for coarse rutile, gold and other high-quality VHM.

  • Late in 2018 we are looking back over a busy and fulfilling year for the Drilling and Geology divisions.  We have had some great feedback, calls from new clients and calls for repeat work from our growing list of existing clients. We have been able to lower client contract drilling costs and improve client expectation on service and sample quality - a winning combination and platform for growth.  Some of the highlights for 2018 include:

    • A total of 67 months' MTI and Environmental incident free (since incorporation of Hornet) and 16 months FAI free,

    • New, high-performing drill staff and further modifications and improvements to drill equipment and tooling,

    • Drilling contracts for MZI, Iluka, Cristal, Talison Lithium, CSA Global, Golden Exploration, Geographe Drilling​,

    • Geology contracts for Base Resources, Base Exploration Tanzania, Iluka, Accent Resources, MZI, Australian Garnet, Dome Gold, Golden Exploration, Cristal, Geographe Drilling, Mazza Graphite,

    • Capabilities utilised include Aircore RC drilling, field logging, reconnaissance, prospectivity review, due diligence, resource estimation, project management, tenement management, reporting, graphite extraction proposal and approval,

    • Locations: Kenya, Tanzania, Fiji, Balladonia, Greenbushes, Eneabba, Keysbrook, Kalbarri, Manjimup, Wonnerup, Scott River.

  • "Your guys are absolutely smashing it" - we came in where others had been before us and blew away this client with better than double the Aircore production rates of our competition.....and all with the comfort of a ISO Certified Management System, expert drill team and focused management.  A winning combination and great for all to be involved with.

  • Well 2018 looks less like chalk and more like cheese compared with the previous few years.  Hornet leapt out of the blocks early with a couple of drill contracts for the drilling division and works spanning the globe for the geology division.  We remain focused on client needs and ensure we are competitively priced so our long-term growth goals are realised.

  • A recent drilling programme and geological resource estimation was completed for our most energetic client on his gravel resource.  If you have a gravel/sand/clay resource, I can guarantee that visual estimation or backhoe test pits will be robbing you of significant resource tonnes if this project is anything to go by.  The resource volume came in at around three times what was visually estimated, which makes this a very cheap investigation.  More great news for our cleint.

  • There is much to communicate from what has been an increasingly busy 2017.  Work continues for long-term clients.  New exploration and civil clients are enjoying the Hornet approach in delivering innovation and multiple solutions to their drilling and geology requirements.

  • Drilling has re-commenced on Dome Gold’s Sigatoka Ironsands project in Fiji.  For this campaign, Hornet has been engaged early to provide project management of drilling, geological logging and sample assay protocol.  Managing the quality objectives at data capture will assist us greatly when we commence geological interpretation and resource estimation stages.

  • The diamond drilling rig was swiftly mobilised to site upon discovery of shallow Basalt whilst completing Aircore drilling of sand resources for Holcim near Bunbury.  The successful completion of this programme resulted in the mobilisation of the coring rig to York to assess a potential decorative stone occurrence.

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